Hotel description

The “Voznesensky” Hotel is distinguished among other hotels in Ekaterinburg by its convenient location, high quality service and traditional Russian hospitality.

Address: 620075, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Ekaterinburg, Mamina-Sibiryaka Street, 52

Terms of stay

These rules of the hotel are generl and can be varied depending on the type of room. Please check the description of you room.

Cancellation of bookingWhen cancelling the reservation in less than 24 hours before the arrival date the fine-sanctions could be applied in ammount of the cost of the first night accommodation.
Accommodation of children and additional placesAccommodation of children up to 7 years old is free of charge, accommodation of children of 7-14 years old - 500 rubles per night. Children above 14 years old leave on a general price. The cradel is available free of charge.

Additional information

The Voznesensky hotel, one of the best four-star hotels, is situated in the heart of downtown and cultural part of the city with historical monuments in the close vicinity of modern business-centers.

The Voznesensky hotel is a chamber for those people who prefer to live in peace and have queite leasure time after stressful business day. That is why it is the most favourite hotel to stay for stage, movie and theatre stars, politicians and businessmen.

The Cathedral of Ascension Christ can be seen from the hotel windows. You can hear marvelous sounds of bell within a day and enjoy picturesque views of the Kharitonov Garden.

At easy reach from the Hotel there is one of the biggest Orthodox Cathedrals – Cathedral on the blood, Yekaterinburg Philharmonic Hall, stage and screen “Cosmos”, Yekaterinburg opera-house and many others.

The Treasury Department, Ekaterinburg City Arbitration Court and Arbitration Court of Sverdlovsk region and representation offices of heavy Russian and foreign companies are situated near the hotel.

If you have some free time you can walk to “Plotinka”. It’s the oldest building in Yekaterinburg where museums and architectural monuments are located. It was founded on 7(18) of November in 1723, and this date is considered to be the birthday of Yekaterinburg.

Near “Plotinka” there is a pedestrian Vainer street, one of the oldest street in the city which is called “Arbat of Yekaterinburg” where you can find a lot of boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

Location, directions to the hotel

* From the railway station:
- take the trolleybus № 1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 17, 18 and get off at “TUZ” stop;
- take the bus №1, 23, and get off at “TUZ” stop;
* From international airport “Koltsovo” take the bus № 1 and get off at “TUZ” stop.

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